The Grouth Steel Group supplies steel products for construction, mining and re-rollers throughout the Middle East and South East Asia.

Growth Steel HI-MESH Weldmesh sheets are produced from 'hot rolled' steel coils, cold drawn to the final specified diameter.

The Growth Steel Weldmesh Production facility consists of up to date technology allowing the weldmesh to be manufactured under strict quality controls and ensure consistancy and conformity to regional and international standards.

HI-MESH Wire is joined by high precision Electric Arc Welding to produce stronger wire mesh joints.

Wire mesh welding machine

HI-MESH is produced in standard sizes but also by special arrangement may be made to customer requirements for particular construction purposes or application.

HI-MESH is produced by using cold drawn wire rod.
This rod has U-50 quality with a yield strength characteristicaly 5000 kg/cm2 (Pa) which is stronger than common rod, which usually only has charateristical yield strength of 2500 kg/cm2 (Pa).
HI_MESH is manufactured with a minimum shear strength on every welded joint 2500 kg/cm2

Wire drawing machine

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HI-MESH Dimensional Specifications :

Nominal wire diameters (d) & Weight/sheet (w);

  • M4 - 4mm
  • M5 - 5mm
  • M6 - 6mm
  • M7 - 7mm
  • M8 - 8mm
  • M9 - 9mm
  • M10 - 10mm
  • M4 - 15.45kg
  • M5 - 24.14kg
  • M6 - 34.75kg
  • M7 - 47.31kg
  • M8 - 61.79kg
  • M9 - 78.21kg
  • M10 - 96.55kg

HI-MESH Dimensional Specifications:

Nominal sheet sizes (l x w), all gauges:

  • 5,400mm x 2,100mm
  • Other lengths to order
  • Tolerance: +100/-0, or as agreed with buyer.

HI-MESH Dimensional Specifications:

Mesh size:

  • All wire gauges - 150mm x 150mm

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